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English Press Info | 2000 char.

This press release may be used for publication. Changes or cuts are granted only if the general meaning will not be misconstrued. If in doubt please send your version to berlin @ bsm-ev.de for clearance. We are concerned to keep all information up to date. Whenever you detect any inaccuracies please give us a note.

The Association for Solar Mobility (BSM) has committed itself for sustainable and enviroment-friendly traffic concepts and the usage of regenerable energies for over 20 years now. The accumulation of its members secures a vast pool of experience and know how. These ressources are used to develop mobility concepts apt for the future and promote these concepts in the political field.

To reduce the share the traffic sector contributes to harmful emissions the BSM relies upon a substantial network. It collaborates closely with relevant professional associations. Since its founding in 1989 the BSM has evolved as the most important partner in matters of renewable e-mobility.

The BSM is represented in the association for regenerative energies ('BEE') and in the national plattform e-mobility ('NPE') run by federal secretaries, wherein the mobility from renewable energy is promoted. The board commences numerous activities such as the application for federal funds within the 'Schaufenster'-program, a call for tender projects. They are experts highly demanded for at conferences and workshops. Apart from its national engagement towards integration of matters of mobility the BSM will - together with several regional partners - host the EVS 30 in 2017 in Stuttgart.

BSM is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, where its capital headquarter resides in Wilhelmstraße 93 - right in the centre of the city. The BSM was founded in 1989 by engineers and drivers of solar mobiles that organized the first solar car races and rallyes. As of today engineers and producers of vehicles, experts for traffic systems and security, suppliers for regenrative energy, technicians for charging and storage are members of the BSM.

AKTION: S3XY CARS 30.07.2022 11:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr — Hannover/Messe
EVENT: Elektrische Meile 2022 - Flugplatz Schönhagen 27.08.2022 10:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr — Schönhagen/Trebbin
KONGRESS: Future Mobility Summit 07.09.2022 - 08.09.2022 — Berlin
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