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World Wide Multi Mobility Card & ID

A world wide usable and multi modal mobility card plus identity could allow electric drivers to charge their vehicle in every country and get billed at home - without anyone being able to trace their trip. Everywhere a contract usually needs to be signed the user will be able to switch between offers provided by the network (i.e from train to carsharing). There are a lot of other options, which BSM and its partners would like to be discussed. On EVS 27 several national associations already confirmed to endorse this idea.


We would like to present a White paper (proposal) for discussion, comment  and motion (maybe at EVS28) on the level of WEVA/AVERE/EDITA/EVAAP.

(c) Torsten Redlich Industrial Design

BSM (Bundesverband Solare Mobilität e.V., Berlin, engl. Federal Association of Solar Mobility), Germanys member of AVERE, is proposing the specifiation of a secure but private personal identity for multi mobility e-travel and -transportation. We are strongly favoring that travellers and e-mobilists can keep their data private whilst traveling and using intermodal transportation and  leaving lesser private data wehen accessing POI, Chargepoints and E-CarSharing Services, etc.

BSM invites the top co-members of AVERE, EDITA and EFAAP and their respective nations to move to the forefront of sustainable mobility combined with privacy, data protection und integrity: Our proposal and White Paper is intended to start a roadmap process helping the e-mobilists and e-drivers into a stronger position against providers like OEMs, utilities and other companies, when exchange of private data is at stake against "Access" or "Payment" when using mobility services like EV Charging, E-CarSharing, etc.

When our Proposal will be moved forward through discussions and motion on WEVA - level, we will bring the world citizen into a stronger position as world and local traveller and EV drivers for keeping data private, but still use the comfort of agreed international secure transmission and transaction standards. However, known 'B2C' role modells will be transformed to new 'B4C'. We support the Warszaw 2013 accord on International Data Protection minimum standards and whant to implement those into Issuance and Management of Digital Idenieties, be it on pure IT base or in conjunction with Cars, Tokens or other devices.

We hope to achieve within the next 24 months the basis for standardising the identity protection in the field of multi mobile sustainable mobility and ask for your support.

Please contact us under wwmmc-id@bsm-ev.de

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