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Vollständiges Programm der EVS30-Konferenz in englischer Sprache

Der BSM hat einige der 150 Beiträge zur EVS30-Konferenz ausgewählt,die in loser Folge auf der 'Konferenz'-Seite vorgestellt werden mit Übersetzung der Zusammenfassung und redaktioneller Einordnung. In diesem Programm sind sie fett geschrieben und verlinkt.

MONDAY 09.10.17



[Slots 09:05-09:25 | 09:25-09:45 | 09:45-10:05 | 10:05-10:25]

Connected and autonomous vehicles - concepts and applications



Dimensioning of Power Net for Automated Driving | Tunan Shen, Robert Bosch GmbH

Optimization of an all-electric connected taxi fleet | Pascal Blouin, IVI (Innovative Vehicle Institute)

Intralog - towards an autonomous system for handling inter-terminal container transport | Adrie Spruijt, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Electrochemical Capacitor Powered Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) | Toshihiko Furukawa, United Chemi-Con



Setting up an efficient charging system



The influence of investment costs on the development of fast charging infrastructure | Denis Horn, University of Stuttgart, IAT

Energy management of second-life electric vehicle batteries for supporting a microgrid | Cristina Corchero, IREC

Charging infrastructure experiences in Norway - the worlds most advanced EV market |
Erik Lorentzen | Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

Priming the US Grid for High-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging | Paul Stith, Black & Veatch



Battery systems for electric vehicles


Cycle Life Evaluation for Lithium-Ion Capacitors | Mahdi Soltani, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - MOBI

Dimensioning and Optimization of Hybrid Li-Ionen Batteries for EVs | Jan Becker, RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

Assessing battery safety using a combined simulation approach from cell to vehicle level | Bernhard Brunnsteiner, AVL

Investigations on a Hybrid Energy Storage System for an All-wheel Driven Motorcycle | Michael Buchholz, Ulm University



Predicting the total cost of ownership for electric vehicles


Smart Charging - an efficient instrument to optimise the Total Cost of Ownership of EVs | Yasmine Assef, Renault

Predicting the Future Manufacturing Cost of Batteries for Plug-In Vehicles for the U.S. EPA 2017-2025 Light-Duty Greenhouse Gas Standards | Michael Safoutin, US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Modelling the Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands | Auke Hoekstra, TU Eindhoven

BEV Consumer Household Travel Behavior Decisions in in Multi-Vehicle Household: Do they get the maximum, out of their Nissan LEAF? | Gil Tal, University of California Davis



Electric power trains - innovation and developments


Big Batteries: Solution for the future? | Otmar Scharrer, Sächsische Energieagentur - SAENA GmbH

Driving the green revolution: Technology advancements enable new efficiencies in electric cars | Karl-Heinz Steinmetz, Texas Instruments

Multi-Speed Transmissions for Electric Drives | David Gagliardi, Oerlikon Drive Systems

Low inductive power module design for tractive systems | Thomas Huber, UAS Landshut


[Monday afternoon slots 14:50-15:10 | 15:10-15:30 | 15:30-15:50 | 15:50-16:10]


Fuel cell vehicle concepts


The future of fuel cell vehicles | Yukihiro Sonoda, Toyota Motor Europe

A European Approach for the Commercialisation of Fuel Cell Buses in Public Transport | Frank Koch, EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GMBH

The Fuel Cell Engine of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL | Christian Mohrdieck, Daimler AG

Hyundai ix35 fuel cell electric vehicles: degradation analysis for driving and vehicle-to-grid usage | Vincent Oldenbroek, Delft University of Technology



Successful management of charging infrastructure


Emerging Best Practices for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure | Nic Lutsey, International Council on Clean Transportation

Predicting charging infrastructure availablity based on a space-time series model | Quentin de Clerck, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Developement of Japanese model plan for a quick-charging infrastructure network based on trafic simulation for promoting EVs | Tomohiko Ikeya, Central Research Institute of Electric power Industry

Estimating the charging profile of individual charge sessions of Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands | Jurjen Helmus, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences



Battery ageing processes - monitoring and prognosis


Battery Health Monitoring and Degradation Prognosis in Fleet Management Systems | Adnan Nuhic, Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG

Online and BMS implementable SoH estimation for battery packs | Maitane Berecibar, Vrije Universiteit Brussel & IK4-IKERLAN

Analysing the Influence of Driver Behaviour and Tuning Measures on Battery Aging and Residual Value of Electric Vehicles | Werner Schmid, Technical University of Munich

Evaluation of cyclic battery ageing for railway vehicle application | Sebastian Sigle, DLR e.V.



Aiding EV market growth with incentive models



The Electric Vehicle Policy Report Card | Jonn Axsen, Simon Fraser University

Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles - A Systematic Review of the Evidence | Scott Hardman, UC Davis

I-CVUE: Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe, Final Results | Harm Weken, FIER

Incentives for electric vehicles: A case study of Denmark and Norway | Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj, Insero


Improving driving dynamics

A method for quantification of powertrain electrification impacts on driving dynamics | Markus Kraft, Robert Bosch GmbH

Smart torque vectoring functionality for an AWD electric vehicle | Michael Stapelbroek, FEV Europe GmbH

Investigation on the Mechanical and Electromagnetical Performance of a special fabricated Squirrel Cage Copper Rotor for Induction Machines | Volker Voggeser, Wieland Werke AG

Fuel cell plug-in hybrids: Long-distance emobility with batteries and fuel cells | Jörg Karstedt, ZBT GmbH

[slots 16:35-16:55 | 16:55-17:15 | 17:15-17:35 | 17:35-17:55]


Hydrogen infrastructure

Techno-economic evaluation of hydrogen refueling stations with trucked-in gaseous or liquid hydrogen. | Thomas Mayer, Daimler AG

NewBusFuel - Large scale hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for fuel cell bus fleets | Benjamin Reuter, thinkstep

Onsite hydrogen generation and hydrogen recycling for refuelling FCEVs using an electro-chemical hydrogen compressorNewBusFuel - Large scale hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for fuel cell bus fleets | Benjamin Reuter, thinkstep / Linda Schorer, DHBW Mannheim

Contamination Control for LT PEM Fuel Cell Systems | Stefan Diersch, MANN-HUMMEL Innenraumfilter GmbH & Co. KG


Implementation of a charging network

Integrated Mobility and Energy Infrastructures - Assessing Centralized and Decentralized Grid Integration of EVs | Sven Lierzer, BridgingIT GmbH

Holistic Methodology for Generating Customer-Related Testing Profiles for Electrified Powertrains | Michael Friedmann, APL Automobilprüftechnik Landau GmbH

Challenges at the construction of a comprehensive AC and DC charging infrastructure in Baden-Wuerttemberg | Amadeus Regerbis, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

EV Infrastructure in the UK - plugging the gaps | Rosalind Marshall, Office for Low Emission Vehicles


Thermal and life cycle management of batteries

Sustainability Assessment of Second Life Application of Automotive Batteries (SASLAB): Ageing of Li-Ion Battery Cells in Automotive and Grid-scale Applications | Andreas Pfrang, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Capacity Recovery Effect in Lithium Sulphur Batteries for Electric Vehicles | Christian Maurer, Hochschule Ulm

Liquid Thermal Management of a Lithium-ion Capacitor Module | Joris Jaguemont, VUB

Joining Technologies for Automotive Battery Systems Manufacturing | Abhishek Das, WMG, The University of Warwick


Opportunities for EV market development

Stable and sustainable supply of Cathode Materials for LIB | Dominic Homberger, Umicore

DOE Electrification Systems R&D Overview for FY 2016-2017 | James Miller, Argonne National Laboratory

Taxation of electric vehicles in Europe: A methodology for comparison | Karin Hauff, Daimler AG

Turning municipalities into focal points for electric mobility - the 5SEK-model | Manfred Schmid, Institut Stadt|Mobilität|Energie ISME


Testing processes for electric vehicles


New power electronics technologies for the market evolution of EVs ? | Jochen Langheim, STMicroeletronics

5XiL-BW-e - Laboratory Network Baden-Württemberg for Electric Mobility | Albert Albers, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Innovative Testing Process for Electric Powertrains | David Nickel, AVL Deutschland GmbH

Winter testing of electric in-wheel motors | Gotovac Gorazd, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.

TUESDAY 10.10.17

[slots 10:50-11:10 | 11:10-11:30 | 11:30-11:50 | 11:50-12:10]


Electrifying heavy duty transport

Electro mobility for heavy duty commercial vehicles | Martin Zeilinger, Daimler AG

The Fuel Economy of MD/HD Trucks - 2015-2050 | Andrew Burke, University of California-Davis

Electric heavy duty trucks in Europe more and more upcoming | Edwin Bestebreurtje, FIER Automotive

Auxiliary Model Review for Design Analysis of Hybrid Electric Heavy-Duty Long-Haul Vehicles | Frans Verbruggen, University of Technology Eindhoven


Charging standardization


International standardization of charging infrastructure: achievements and new developments | Peter Van den Bossche, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mode 2 Charging Testing and Certification for an International Market Access | Dieter Hanauer, VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH

The ISO standard 15118 enables simple and intelligent charging and represents an integral part for the digital interconnection of electric vehicles. | Christian Hahn, Hubject GmbH

Introducing Hardware Security Modules to Embedded Systems for Smart Charging (ISO/IEC 15118) | Fabian Eisele, Vector Informatik GmbH


Industrialization of electric mobility

Measuring Charging Infrastructure Development in Selected Countries: Metrics and Comparison | Feiqi Liu | Tsinghua University

Internationalisation as a component for successful industrialisation of electric mobility within Cluster Electric Mobility South-West | Stefan Buechele, e-mobil BW GmbH

The new Opel-Ampera-e. Battery, Propulsion System and their operation. | Manfred Herrmann, Adam Opel GmbH

ARENA2036 | Peter Froeschle, ARENA2036


Implementing electromobility into daily life


E-mobility: challenging the human sensory system | Ulrich Schiefer, University of Applied Sciences

e-Mobility tour Gothenburg Sweden | Osterstrom Per, Business Region Göteborg

Lessons learned from electric cars in daily taxi operation in Gothenburg | Stefan Pettersson, RISE Viktoria

eTourEurope - EV Rally and Community Event | Werner Hillebrand-Hansen | Projekt TNS GmbH


Crash safety in electric vehicles


How to Build a Battery Case | Alexander Betz, Daimler AG

Introducing an approach to predict the time-dependent mechanical, electrical and thermal behaviour of Li-ion batteries due to crash loads | Simon Franz Heindl, Graz University of Technology

Battery Safety Evaluation of Electric Driven Motorcycles from the Perspective of Accident Research | Alessio Sevarin, Graz University of Technology

Crash Safety of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles | Rainer Justen, Daimler AG


[slots: 14:50-15:10h | 15:10-15:30h | 15:30-15:50h | 15:50-16:10h]

Electric buses in public transport


The future of urban buses is electric | Umberto Guida | UITP

A new predictive electric bus neural model using big data for estimating battery pack capacity | Umut Irmak, temsa global .a.s

Public transport of tomorrow: zero emissions vehicles including electric buses and buses with fuel cell range extenders | Michal Sierszynski, Solaris Bus & Coach SA

Ec Busses: Who's in charge | Roland Steinmetz | EVConsultlectric


Wireless charging concepts


Basic Study on Power-management of Wireless In-Wheel Motor with Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer | Takuma Takeuchi, The University of Tokyo

Standardization of Wireless Power Transfer for PH-EV - Technology, Alignment and Testing, SAE J2954 | Jesse Schneider, BMW AG

STILLE Standardization of Inductive Charging Systems - Framework for interoperable wireless charging solutions | Johanna Heckmann, P3 Automotive GmbH

User acceptance of wireless charging for electric vehicles | Daniel Fett, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Life cycle assessment of electric vehicles


Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicles - The Influence of Geographical and Temporal Aspects | Selin Erkisi-Arici, TU Braunschweig - Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology

Environmental assessment of current and future urban buses with different energy sources | Brian Cox, Paul Scherrer Institute

Life cycle assessment of electric vehicles in shuttle traffic - field test results of the project RheinMobil | Michael Held, Fraunhofer IBP

Life-cycle Assessment of Electric Transit Buses in the United States | Yali Zheng, Society of Automotive Engineers of China


Regional examples of EV adoption


German Showcase Programme E-Mobility 2013 - 2017 - Results, Perspectives, Legal Framework | Bertram Harendt, Deutsches Dialog Institut

Measures Supporting the Transition to Efficient Mobility in the Free State of Saxony | Martin Grismajer, Sächsische Energieagentur - SAENA GmbH

The Dutch Approach to EV | Irene Mouthaan, Ministery of Economic Affairs

Early-Adoption Experience and Upcoming Challenges from the San Francisco Bay Area | Karen Schkolnick, Bay Area Air Quality Management District


Advances in PHEV technologies


Vehicle Level Analysis and Model Validation for Voltec Powertrain in Autonomie | Namdoo Kim, Argonne National Laboratory

Development of Integrated Power Control Algorithm for a Series-Parallel Type PHEV | Junbeom Wi, Sungkyunkwan University

Route based energy management for plug in hybrid electric vehicles | Joonyoung Park, Hyundai Motor Company

Comparative Analysis of Power Split Characteristics for Volt PHEV Considering Drivetrain Losses | Hyunhwa Kim, Sungkyunkwan University


[slots: 16:35-16:55h | 16:55-17:15h | 17:15-17:35h | 17:35-17:55h]

Innovation in special vehicle technology


Personal EV answering mega-cities transportation challenges | Dan Hermann,| Afeka academic college of engineering (ISR)

The EnergyTube System - A Module based, Scalable Energy System, with Battery and Fuel Cell for Portable, Mobility and Stationary Applications | Joerg Dieter Weigl, Unicorn Engineering

How far can you get without a friction brake on rear axle? - The RABBIT project | Egor Sawazki, Continental Automotive GmbH

The MAHLE Range Extender Engine | Michael Bassett, MAHLE Powertrain Limited


Latest wireless charging technology


Contactless Energy Transfer for Charging Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles | Nejila Parspour, IEW University of Stuttgart

5A Study of Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Integration and Vehicle Alignment Optimization | JAE YONG SEONG, Hyundai Motor Group

Coil Topologies for Inductive Power Transfer in Automotive Applications | Markus Springmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Simple Relative Positioning 3-Axis Alignment Sensors for Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles | Thomas Stout, Evatran


Smart grid: how can EVs contribute?


Implementation of E-mobility architecture for providing Smart Grid services using EVs | Sergejus Martinenas, Technical University of Denmark

Market place based energy management for PEV grid integration | Barry Sole, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Building a Smart Charging Ecosystem in Amsterdam - Getting ready for mass market of (next generation) EVs | Frank Geerts, ElaadNL

System architecture for Electric Vehicle used as a distributed energy resource - Perspective and vision of an EV market leader | Sebastien Gouraud, RENAULT


EV market development around the globe


What is Driving the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market? | Nic Lutsey, International Council on Clean Transportation

From early adopters to mass market: is the French population ready for electric mobility? | Marie Castelli, Avere-France

Automotive the Future of MobilityWhat is Driving the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market? | Nic Lutsey, International Council on Clean Transportation

Electrifying emerging markets: the case of Costa Rica | Bjorn Utgard, ESCOIA


Latest electric motor technologies


Designof a gearless wheel hub motor for BEV based on a switched reluctance machine | Martin Vosswinkel, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Operating Point Adaptation for NVH-Optimization of Induction Machines | Wolfgang Bischof, Robert Bosch GmbH

Cost Optimised Integrated Electric Powertrain Containing the First Silent Switched Reluctance Motor for Passenger Vehicles. | Steven Bervoets, Punch Powertrain N.V.

Iron Loss modelling of a PMSM Traction Motor, Including the Magnetic Degradation due to Lamination Cutting | Sigrid Jacobs, ArcelorMittal


WEDNESDAY 11.10.17


[slots: 09:05-09:25h | 09:25-09:55h | 09:55-10:15h | 10:15-10:35h]

Thermal management of electric vehicles


Using Liquid Cooling to Minimize Temperature Impact in High Power Charging (HPC) Systems | Ralf Glocker, ITT Cannon GmbH

Efficient cabin preconditioning for EVs with a compact heat pump system | Andres Caldevilla, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

Next Generation Car Thermal energy storage systems: Power-to-Heat concept in solid media storage for high storage densities | Sergej Belik, DLR

A Method to Analyze Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption of Heating Systems for Electric Cars | Eva-Maria Knoch, Karlsruhe Institute of Techology


V2G as enabling technology for smarter EV grid integration


CHAdeMO V2X protocol: design concept, benefits and world-wide applications | Tomoko Blech, CHAdeMO Association Europe

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Technology Insights | Cristina Corchero, IREC

Smart Solar Charging: Bi-Directional AC Charging (V2G) in the Netherlands | Bram van Eijsden, ElaadNL

V2G - An economic gamechanger in E-Mobility? | Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj, Insero


Electrification of the supply chain


EV R&D - a key pillar of a modern industrial strategy | Bob Moran, Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Modular battery design for Automated battery manufacturing in Niche applications: AMPLiFII Project | Mark Ellis, WMG - University of Warwick

EV Transmissions - Lessons Learnt | Alex Tylee-Birdsall, Drive System Design Ltd.

Borderless World: 2.0 | Peter Wells, Cardiff Business School


Mobility as a service


Charging free floating shared cars in metropolitan areas | Gijs van der Poel, Over Morgen

MobilitySchool - How to act multi - mobile daily? | Andreas-Michael Reinhardt, BSM e.V.

Statistical Data for Free-floating Car Sharing versus Public Transport | Stefan Pettersson, RISE Viktoria

Development Mode for Integrating Electric Car-sharing into Different Types of Chinese Cities | Xiaoyuan Wu, Tongji University


Barriers and opportunities for an intelligent charging infrastructure


Tax barriers and smart Charging | Baerte De Brey, ElaadNL

The Positive Effects of Workplace Charging on Electric Vehicle Ownership and Utilization | Steven Henderson, Ford Motor Company

tbc | tbc

Impact of charging infrastructure growth on EV market in India | Sreejakumar Nair, Mahindra Electric


[slots: 10:50-11:10h | 11:10-11:30h | 11:30-11:50h | 11:50-12:10h]

Developments in LEV technology


An intelligent energy management system for an electric bicycle | Stefan Sterkenburg, HAN University of Applied Sciences

The rise of the speed pedelec, restrained by legislation? | Bram Rotthier, KU Leuven

A Booming Development of Electric Scooters in Taiwan | Theresa Suen, Industrial Technology Research Institute

Low voltage & low cost Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Motor for Indian EV applications | Prabhu Shanmugam, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited


Charging infrastructure: Access and location management


EV Related protocol study | Arjan Wargers, ElaadNL

Method for the Definition of the Optimal Sites for Fast Chargers | Giorgio Gabba, Protoscar SA

Perceived usage potential of fast-charging locations | Julia Krause, Institute for Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

Implementation of Interoperability solutions for public charging infrastructure in Europe | Sebastien Albertus, Renault sas


Renewable energy and electric mobility - synergies and obstacles


Electrification of Transport by renewables | Frank Mayer, WRD GmbH (ENERCON)

Useful mobility service derived from renewable electricity: a comparison between battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles infrastructure | Yorick Ligen, EPFL Valais

Intelligent photovoltaic-grid system for electric vehicles charging station | Abdelilah Hassoune, Hassan II University of Casablanca, ENSEM& EIGSICA

Synergies and Conflicts of Integrating Electromobility and Renewable Energies into the Urban Micro Grid at Train Station Berlin Suedkreuz | Norman Pieniak, Reiner Lemoine Institut


Evaluating consumer experience and increasing acceptance


The 2017 ZEV consumer survey: Understanding latent consumer demand | Jonn Axsen, Simon Fraser University

Put a price on carbon to fund EV incentives - Norwegian EV policy success | Petter Haugneland, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

A customer's view on policy measures to promote electric vehicles | Ulrike Kugler, DLR

Understanding demand for hybrid and electric vehicles using large-scale consumer profile data | Rubal Dua, KAPSARC


Entering the mass market with electric mobility


Overcoming the barriers of mass EV introduction | Rob Winkel, Ecofys

The Green Electric Mobility Tool: An ex-ante assessment tool contributing to the advancement of eMobility in urban areas in middle-income countries | Roland Steinmetz, EVConsult

European strategic processes towards competitive, sustainable and user-friendly road transport | Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Building the Electric Mobility Market Through Public-Private Partnerships: The Oregon Case Study | Jeff Allen, Forth