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Nach der Entscheidung das EVS 30 in Stuttgart von einem Konsortium um den BSM ausrichten zu lassen hat der europäische E-Mobilitätsverband AVERE ein neues Format gestartet. Erstmals am 13./14. April findet in Amsterdam die "AVERE E-Mobility Conference" (AEC) statt.



13.04.2016 um 09:00 Uhr bis
14.04.2016 um 18:00 Uhr




+31 (0)20 4893111


Andreas-Michael Reinhardt
Thomic Ruschmeyer

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Am Mittwoch 13. April 2016 ist Amsterdam das Elektromobilitäts-Zentrum der Welt. Führende Experten und interessierte Besucher aus den Niederlanden und der ganzen Welt werden während der Avere E-Mobility Conference (AEC) den Übergang von fossilen auf elektrische Antriebe diskutieren und beschleunigen - mit den Vereinbarungen des Pariser Umweltgipfels als Bezugspunkt und den Niederlanden als wichtigstem Schauplatz. Die Ergebnisse werden am 15.4. dem informellen Umweltrat der zuständigen EU-Minister ("EU council of Transport and Environment ministers") übergeben. MIt hochkarätigen Referenten, inspirierenden Workshops, einem Living Lab Space und dem abschließenden Walking Dinner einschließlich leidenschaftlicher Präsentationen wird die AEC in den Niederlanden das wichtigste E-Mobilitäts-Event des Jahres 2016 sein.


Die AEC findet statt im Königlichen Tropeninstitut ("Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen" / KIT) in Amsterdam, Mauritskade 63.

AVERE ist der europäische Dachverband der nationalen Elektromobilitätsverbände. Der BSM ist Mitglied seit 2013.

Avere E-Mobility Conference

New acceleration in electric mobility
On Wednesday 13 April, Amsterdam will briefly be the EV-centre of the world. Leading speakers and interested visitors, both local and international, will come together during the Avere E-Mobility Conference to discuss and accelerate the transition from fossil to electric, with the climate agreement as a guideline and the Netherlands as the most important case. The results from the conference will be presented to the Informal Environment Council (EU council of Transport and Environment ministers) on 15 April. With high-calibre keynote speakers, inspiring workshops, a Living Lab Space and a closing walking dinner including impassioned presentations, the Avere E-Mobility Conference (AEC) is the Netherlands’ top EV meeting of 2016.

Some of the confirmed speakers include:
- Diarmuid O’Connell (Vice President Tesla Motors)
- Tom Turrentine (Director PHEV Research Center at ITS-Davis)
- Maarten Steinbuch (Professor in Systems- and Control TU/e)
- Christina Bu (Secretary General Norwegian EV Association)
- France Lampron (Transportation Electrification Hydro-Québec)
For the full list of speakers, please consult www.aec.amsterdam.

Where theory meets practice
On 13 April, the KIT in Amsterdam will be the venue for EV specialists and interested parties to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences. We will discuss the current state of affairs using five themes and look ahead to the future of electric mobility.

On Thursday 14 April, attendees will be given the opportunity to make an excursion. Participants will experience at firsthand Dutch trends in electric vehicles on location in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Information and tickets
For more information and tickets, please visit www.aec.amsterdam.

The Avere E-mobility Conference is being organised by Avere, Nederland Elektrisch, Amsterdam Elektrisch, MRA-elektrisch, DOET, Dutch Incert and Misteli Communicatie.

The AEC 2016 is partly possible thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, TU/e, MRA Elektrisch, Stedin, VDL and Allego. If you are interested in sponsoring opportunities, please contact Veronique Misteli, Veronique@misteli.nl.

The city consistently ranks among the world’s top 10 conference cities. It is accessible and compact, known as a national and international gateway with excellent connection to the rest of Europe, and has been a centre of creativity, culture, entrepreneurship and knowledge for centuries. Amsterdam’s entrepreneurs have a reputation for finding creative and inventive solutions. The city of Amsterdam facilitates them by sharing information and easing bureaucratic rules. Electric mobility is an important element in Amsterdam’s policy to decrease emissions. Electric cars and charging stations are visible in every street in the city centre. This increased visibility has in turn sparked greater interest in electric cars. With its demand-driven public charging network, Amsterdam has cleared the way for electric cars, and there now is a public charging point within 400 meters of any location in the city. By 2017, the total number will have increased to 4,000 charging points.

The monumental building of KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) dates from 1928 and is our venue for the AEC 2016. KIT is an international knowledge hub: a gateway for the ideas of tomorrow, where knowledge in the field of sustainable and intercultural cooperation are shared. Although the conference is housed in a historic and monumental building, we can provide our guests and speakers the most advanced conference facilities. Moreover, the KIT institute is conveniently situated at the border of the city centre, within a 15 minutes drive from the airport. And it has it’s own hotel right next to the venue!

AVERE is the European Electromobility Association representing through its members and partners in 12 European countries indirectly 700 industrial & academic members and 25.000 EV owners. AVERE organises since 1978 the EVS (Electric Vehicle Symposium) conferences. The EVS conference is the world largest EV conference and takes place every 3 years in Europe; EVS30 (2017) will be held in Stuttgart.

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